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Most people do not have the time, knowledge, discipline or desire to manage and grow their investment accounts, especially in a volatile market. Emotion is a tremendous factor with self managed portfolios, often paralyzing investors to the point of inaction. This results in lost opportunities to maximize earnings or an atrophied account portfolio value.

  • Our business is supporting your investment goals.

  • We remove the stress from managing your account.

  • We give personalized service devoted to each client.

  • We are not a mutual fund or a hedge fund sales agent. Your account portfolio is individually managed.

  • We continually monitor your accounts throughout the trading day, such that we can make the most informed, timely  decisions on your behalf.

  • We are set up to trade taxable accounts (cash accounts), IRAs, Roths, SEPs, and Family and Living Trusts.

  • We trade only with the US domestic exchanges to take advantage of the US regulations and rules governing their operations.

  • We welcome our clients questions on any aspect of trading associated with their accounts.

Many of our clients have some investment training and experience. However with the volatility of the market, they find that the time and effort to succeed in investing in the market while dealing with all the other pressures of day to day life can be quite daunting. Active Trading Investments takes that burden off their shoulders.

Our client's accounts are set up as an individual accounts using Interactive Brokers, ("the custodian") that is one of the largest and most highly regarded online brokerage firms serving the domestic and international markets. Active Trading Investments manages your account by communicating with the custodian. You continue to receive communications from the custodian on all activity in your accounts. We can assist in setting up the accounts at the custodian and can handle most administrative functions for you.

As a client, you delegate to Active trading Investments the discretion to select, and trade securities within your account. We use carefully screened and selected securities, ETFs, to construct your portfolio. We screen and select these securities based on a variety of criteria including fundamental soundness, technical performance, suitability, cost, and associated risk.

We monitor your accounts daily, making adjustments when appropriate. We provide you with a written, quarterly report that includes a quantitative summary of your portfolio's performance. We contact you periodically to discuss current asset allocations, potential reallocations, and strategic issues relevant to your changing needs.

We track all cost information on all trades that we perform in your account. At your (or your accountant's) request, we will provide investment gain/loss data on your taxable, non-retirement accounts. The custodian will provide all necessary tax documents. We receive duplicate copies of all tax reporting documents.

Our fee structure is based on the value of assets managed. To align our interests, our compensation comes solely from advisory fees paid by our clients, which consists of a percentage of assets under management. We do not receive any other compensation from any other source.


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Some Details & Recommendations

Get smart(er)
Most people have never formally been taught much about finance or investing. That's exactly how Wall Street likes it. It's better for them if you think what they do is rocket science -- that it's too difficult to make your own financial decisions. For those who wish to learn more, we enjoy working with our clients to give them a better insight into the mechanizations of trading equities.

Profits and Losses
Stock investors are usually drawn to the possibility of two types of returns. Capital gains are returns that come from appreciation in the share price, and are realized only when one ultimately sells owned shares or buys back shorted stock for a profit, while dividends are portions of corporate earnings that are paid out directly to shareholders by the company. Both capital gains and dividends are taxable in the year the trade is executed or the payment is made, unless the stock was purchased as part of an IRA or other qualified tax-deferred retirement plan. Dividends are an integral part of buy-and-hold strategies. Dividends are typically not the primary goal in trading.


Stocks are traded at a number of different exchanges, including physical trading floors at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), as well as all-electronic marketplaces like the Nasdaq, the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and the NYSE Arca exchange.

Most stocks change hands during the traditional daytime trading hours of 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern time. The rise of electronic markets has also yielded greater transparency in the stock markets, meaning that all investors regardless of size or sophistication have access to the same pricing and transaction information.

Avoid securities referred to as penny stocks because they are low-priced shares that are not traded on an exchange or quoted on Nasdaq. Updated prices for penny stocks are occasionally unavailable, and investors often are unable to sell pennies back to the dealer that sold them the stock, making these issues particularly risky. Liquidity is often thin, and often little information is available on these stocks..

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